It began with a passion for beautiful food...

As chefs, we realised how much people appreciate great food, so we decided to open a retail space with an open kitchen and produce all the things chefs use in their restaurants that you cannot normally buy in shops. 


We want to bring to you all the things we love, things that you may have never eaten before or seen anywhere else. Food that not only tastes great but that looks amazing as well.

Gourmet treats for young and old alike, new ingredients, new flavours, new products and a catering menu that includes Australia's own Indigenous super foods, herbs, spices, fruits and meats.


Wondering where we are from?

Well, we come from a long history in reputable restaurants and more recently a specialised Indigenous catering company in Melbourne.  We have devised menus for some of the biggest names in Melbourne and the biggest corporations, we have cooked for the Oprah visit, the Prime Minister of Australia and the American Secretary of Defence just to name a few.  Weddings, conferences, birthdays, exhibition openings, you name it there is an endless list of events that have experienced not only our food but our exceptional customer service. We take pride in getting to know our customers on a personal level.


We came across Hampton a little while ago and fell in love with the community spirit and relaxed atmosphere.  Wanting to get out of the city it seemed like the perfect place to start a new venture, so here we are. 





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